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Order Custom Arrangement

Custom pricing is on a sliding scale, depending on ensemble size, levels, accompaniment needed, and song selection. 
- High School intermediate SATB/SSAA/TTBB: $500 - $600

- High School beginner SSA/TTB: $400 - $500

- College SSAATB: $600 - $800 

- College SSAA: $500 - $700 

- Professional/Professional (advanced): $600 - $800

- Rush jobs (arrangements due in 30 days or less) may be available for an additional fee of $150.

Demo & practice tracks (optional $125)
Please note: After the premiere of the arrangement, it will be published. If you would like it to remain exclusively for your group until a year after the premiere, there will be a small holding fee. :)

Level of Difficulty
I'd like this arrangement to:

Thanks for submitting!

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